Learning Objectives

Remember: You will not be an expert at the end of this.

This workshop is *very* introductory. And it’s only three hours long. At the end of three hours, you should have a good overview of bookkeeping, and ideally, you’ll be able to know what you need to do next. 

  • Maybe you’ll take another, more in-depth course.
  • Maybe you’ll decide, nope! This is too much to learn and I’m not really interested. And you’ll start looking for someone to do it for you. That’s totally fine! We can’t be good at *everything*.
  • Or maybe you need to just jump in and play around more, and then decide your next move.

This is going to be a pretty technical course, so take breaks if you need it! Get up, stretch, move your body if it helps.

Ok. Let's get started.

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